What's Inspected


What's included in a home inspection?

A home inspection is a snapshot of the condition of your new home on the day of the inspection.

¬†Unlike a super hero, we don’t have x-ray vision and most homeowners frown on us tearing into walls to see what’s under the drywall so we won’t be doing that. Still, with years of experience, we can take what is visible and infer what may be going on underneath. Here is a brief list of some of the hundreds of items we look for and at during your home inspection:

(Note that each of these areas contain multiple items. Not all are listed)

  • Roof condition
  • Guttering and drainage
  • Foundation (an outside examination and an inside examination)
  • Exterior condition (siding, brickwork, soffits and trim, exterior window condition)
  • Exterior decking
  • Grading & General Drainage of the propert
  • Attic ( evidence of roof leaks, sufficient insulation and venting, visible wiring, plumbing)
  • Plumbing (function of fixtures and inspecting for visible leaks old or active)
  • Electrical (electrical panel box, lighting, visible wiring and including a sampling of outlets)
  • HVAC (function on the day of the inspection)
  • Interiors (walls, floors, ceilings & basic electrical)
  • Hot water heater
  • Function inspection of kitchen appliances on the day of the inspection (excluding washer/dryer)
  • Window and door condition
  • Multiple items that could cause safety issues such as hot water heater and furnace venting


Exclusions to a general home inspection:

Sewer lines
Underground water lines
In slab plumbing
Concealed items such as electrical wiring and plumbing inside walls and finished ceilings
Septic tanks
We cannot move a homeowners furniture or belongings even if they are blocking an access point.

Why we don’t offer a home inspection warranty

We get this question occasionally and the answer is really very simple: They aren’t worth it. The exclusions are excessive and the warranty companies require that we give
them access to your personal information so that they can sell it to other companies for marketing purposes. We’re not OK with that and we don’t think you would be either.