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Why should I have a Home Inspection?


Reveal the overall condition of major systems of the home. 

Reveal safety issues or concerns around the home. 

Inform you of the age of important & often expensive items (i.e.- HVAC, Roof) 

Provide you with knowlege of conditions that may be expensive repairs you can negotiate with 

the sellers (water or termite damage, for example). 

Detail specific maintenance needs or requirements for the home. 

Help you look beyond the emotional connection you may feel for your new home to help you 

evaluate the home’s condition.

There are so many inspection company choices. How Should I Choose an Inspector ?

All inspectors and inspection companies are not created equal.
Ask questions. Lots of them.

For example, ask the inspector how long he has been performing inspections. There is no substitute for
time in the field when it comes to inspection experience. Hire an experienced and licensed inspector.
Your inspector should be licensed by the State of Indiana. You can visit indiana.gov to ensure the
inspector you are considering is properly licensed by the state.

Ask if the inspector will be going into the crawlspace (if applicable) and attic. You don’t want to and
that’s what you’re paying him for. There is no substitute for putting eyes into all the dark corners but
not all inspectors do it.

Ask if the inspector completes his reports or does his staff complete the report. You want the person
who inspected the property to generate the report. Ask when you will receive your report after the

Ask yourself if you feel comfortable and important when you contact the office. Is the staff helpful
when you call? Are they available to take your call when you need them, including evenings and
weekends? Is the inspector respectful of your concerns and does he seem willing to take time to
explain findings to you?

Price will be one of your questions when you are researching inspectors but price should not be the top
priority when choosing an inspector. A bargain price might get you an inspection that is no bargain.

Advantages to choosing Acclaim Home Inspections:

Availability: Inspections normally completed within 10 days of contact 

Flexible Scheduling: Optional times & days available to fit client’s needs 

Friendly office staff who are always ready to assist you. 

Thorough inspections & easily understood reports Computer generated reports with full color photos, electronically delivered in 12-24 hours 

Clients & agents welcome at all inspections 

Competitive pricing 

Affiliate member of SIAR (Southwest Indiana Association of Realtors) 

Licensed, Certified & Insured 

Residential & Light Commercial Inspections 

Wood Destroying Insect Inspections 

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